Rakugo Museum

Rakugo Museum

Learn about Kyoto and Osaka-style Rakugo!

Ikeda, the “City of Rakugo” was Japan’s first city to publically display Kyoto and Osakan style Rakugo history and materials at the “Rakugo Museum” since its opening in April 2007.

Within the museum, there are videos introducing Rakugo, a corner where you can watch your favorite Rakugo performer’s CD’S and DVD’s, and an exhibition area displaying two rakugo stories set in Ikeda, “Ikeda no Inoshishikai” (Buying a boar in Ikeda) and “Ikeda no Ushihome” (Praising Ikeda’s Cow). A performance by the Rakugo Association (Admission fees apply) is held from 2:00 pm on the second Saturday of every month. Paid Amateur Rakugo introductory workshops are also regularly held.

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Location Ikeda Sakaehonmachi 7-3
Phone Number 072-753-4440
Opening Hours 11:00 am ~ 7:00 pm
※There may be admission restrictions due to events.
Closed Tuesdays ,Year end and New Year’s holidays
Parking Please use the nearby History and Folklore Museum Parking
Admission Free (addmission fees apply for Rakugo Association events)