Kyuanji, located between two steep hills behind Ikeda, is a temple that was first established by Gyoki priests who came from Nara in 725. It is the Shingon esoteric School of Buddhism.
This long history as a temple has left a beautiful legacy of buildings and a garden that has superb Japanese maples and various flower showings through out the year.
It is one of the flower garden temples of the Kansai region and well worth a visit any time throughout the year.
During late November, early December crowds come to the garden to view the spectacular Japanese Maples (momiji) display. On the 3rd November Sunday each year, the Momiji Matsuri s held in the grounds of Kyuanji.

Other Noteworthy dates
Sakura Hanamatsuri First week in April
Peony Roses May
Hydrangeas June
Moon Viewing Festival
Mid September each year.

Itsuo Bijutsukan
The founder of the Hankyu Railway Corporation and Takarazuka Review, Mr Ichiro Koboyashi's house is the location of this object d' art and antiquities Museum. Japanese and Chinese cultural antiquities are held here, the museum specializing in tea ceremony dishes, ceramic vases, bowl and Japanese scroll paintings, kogehin and paintings.
Occasional exhibitions are held.

CLOSE:every monday
2003 Spring Apr.1 - Jun.15
2003 Summer Jul.5 - Aug17

(Nicknamed as sonpachyakujin by locals)
The temple was established in 724 but in C1500 the temple was attacked and burnt down by Odanobunaga warriors during a war which attacked nearby Ikeda castle and demolished parts of Ikeda.
It was partly rebuilt at the end of the 16th Century. On the existing bronze bell still at the temple today the year 1632 is engraved. On New Year's Eve and January the 1st people attending hatsumode (first years temple visit) are able to ring this large bell.
The templefs annual festival is held in January on the 18th and 19th each year. Nearby is Suigetsu Koen (Water Moon Park) where each season heralds the arrival of beautiful shows of flowers.

Ikedabunko Library
This library is well known for holding a famous drama collection that includes Kabuki, Takarazuka - Review and Ukiyoe scenarios, script paintings, programmes and other ephemera of the dramatic arts. As a collection of the dramatic arts, Ikeda's collection is only rivaled by that at Waseda University in Tokyo.
A lot of the material is delicate and is rarely exhibited, but books, programmes etc are available for viewing.(Close:Monday, National Holiday, first wednesday)

Kureha Shrine
This small shrine is the location of the noisy and exciting Ebisu-san (God Of Commerce) Festival. It is held over three days, on the 9th 10th and 11th of January

Ikeda City Tourism Association
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