Ikeda City Cruising Bus
In Apr., Free Bus Tour is running on every Sat., Sun. It has two courses and each takes about 1 hour.
Course(1) Fusio- Airport-Ishibashi:
starts at 9:30,11:15,13:05,15:00
Course(2) Satsukiyama-Ikeda Castle :
starts at 10:00,11:20,12:35,14:45,15:35
*Station of origin: Ikeda City Hall (about 5min-walk from Ikeda Sta. )

*Spring Tour Apr.3-25/Jun.5-13.Autumn Tour October-November.We will announce immediately.

Ikeda Satsukiyama Cherry Blossom Festival
Attractions, display and sale of flowers and plants, concerts , open-air tea ceremony etc. are being held.
Apr.3-4,2004 10:00-16:00 at Satsukiyama Park, Ikeda Castle Remains Park (Shiroato koen), and theSatsukiyama Children's Center
About 15-20 min. walk from Ikeda Stn.

Lighting up on Cherry Blossom in Satsukiyama Park
Many paper lanterns is lighting up cherry blossoms to create a romantic mood at night.
Mar.26-Apr.11 from sunset to 23:00 Satsukiyama Park
Date: Apr.1-Jun.1, 2004

Inagawa River Fireworks Exhibit
Inagawa River Fireworks Exhibit is to be held on the 16th of August.About 4,000 fireworks will be shot on the bank of the Inagawa River.

August 21, 2004 19:20-20:40
on the bank of Inagawa River (about 15min. from Ikeda Stn.)

Gangara Fire Festival
Gangara Fire Festival (Gangara Himatsuri or Gangarabi) is the Ikeda's most traditional annual event. The torchlight procession that goes up to Atago Shrine (on the Mt.Satsuki) will be a good subject for photography. It is to be held in the evening of the 24th August.
On the same night, the Daimonji and the Dai-ichimonji Fires are to be lit on the south and west side of Mt. Satsuki. These fires are considered sacred: They are the simbols of the prayer for the inner satisfaction and the world peace. Daimonji means the letter of DAI (great or big) in ,while Dai-ichimonji means the letter of DAI and ICHI (big, great, and one).

August 24, 2004 19:30-22:00
The torchlight procession will march around the city and arrive at 20:30-45 to the park in front of Ikeda Stn.

Suigetsu Park IRIS Festival
The Iris Festival, a mixture of an open-air tea ceremony and otherentertaining events, will be held at the Suigetsu Park in the beginning of June (the 7th and the 8th ).
As the landmark of the park there stood a chinese style arbour called Saihotei in the midst of the pond beautifully arranged by many kinds of irides. Walkng along the promenade you will be in an oriental mood....
This park is known also for its gorgeous blossoms esp. of plums(at the beginnig of March) and of cherries (at the beginnig of April) .

Jun.12-13, 2004 10:00-16:00 at Suigetsu Park About 5min. from Hachizuka bus stop (Take a Hankyu bus at Ikeda or Ishibashi Stn.)

Ikeda City Tourism Association
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